3D Printing Applications

Jigs and Fixtures

Printing Jigs and Fixtures can save time and money.

Durable end-use Prototypes

Complex structures can be created in a single build so most design issues can be resolved before committing to injection moulding.

Simulation of Over-Moulded and Two-Shot Injection Moulded Parts

The ability to combine different materials in the 3D printing process results in parts that have an accurate look and feel.

Labelling, Texture and Print

Unique visual effects can be achieved, including transparency, without the need for additional post print processing. This avoids the need for costly secondary operations at the prototyping stage.

Seals and Gaskets

Airtight and watertight seals may be created on a part in a single build. This not only allows you to fully test your plastic prototype but also avoids the need to source potentially costly additional parts.

Living Hinges and Hoses

Parts that withstand repeated flexing and bending can be created.

Translucent Parts

Parts with transparency can be created and coloured material can be encapsulated inside.