3D Printed Box - VeroWhite

Vero – Simulates ABS

Rigid, opaque materials that combine dimensional stability with high detail.  The resulting parts can have an exceptionally smooth surface finish.  They are used for standard plastic prototypes and parts that clearly resemble the ‘look’ of the final product. Available in Black and White.

FullCure720 3D Print

FullCure 720 – General Purpose Transparent

A rigid colourless material with great dimensional stability.  Used for general purpose, finely detailed parts and simulation of transparent thermoplastics such as Acrylic.

3D Printed Clip - Rigur

Rigur – Simulates Polypropylene

A new material that gives prototypes the look and feel of polypropylene. They are used for parts that require the appearance, flexibility, strength and toughness of this polymer.

3D Printed Shoe Soles

TangoBlack+ – Simulates Rubber

Rubber-like materials that offer various levels of elastomer characteristics such as Shore scale A hardness, elongation at break, excellent toughness and durability, tear resistance and tensile strength. Available in Black and Clear.

3D Printed Sheers

Digital-ABS – (RGD5160-DM)

By blending two different Fullcure grades it is possible to simulate ABS, combining high temperature resistance with high toughness.  For true engineering prototypes. In addition, this new material enables the production of thin-walled models with high dimensional stability. Available in Ivory and Green.

3D Printed Glasses - Multi Material

VeroClear – Simulates Clear ABS

A transparent material for use where a clear part is required.