Rigur – Perfect for Polypropylene Prototypes

Polypropylene is the most widely used polymer as the properties make it attractive for a wide range of applications.  It has strength, lightness, flexibility and stability.

Rigur material is the choice for applications that require the appearance, flexibility, strength and toughness of polypropylene.  An advanced simulated polypropylene that offers excellent surface finish together with durability.  This material is ideally suited to parts with living hinges, snap-fits and other demanding applications.

It is bright white in colour with fine resolution.  Properties include Izod notched impact of 35J/m, elongation at break up to 35% and flexural modulus of 1600 MPa.

This material is ideal for:

  • Reusable containers and packaging
  • Flexible, snap-fit applications and living hinges
  • Toys
  • Battery cases
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Loudspeakers
  • Automotive components
Property ASTM Units Metric Units Imperial
Tensile Strength D-638-03 MPa 40-45 psi 5,800-6,500
Elongation at Break D-638-05 % 20-35 % 20-35
Modulus of Elasticity D-638-04 MPa 1,700-2,100 psi 246,000-305,000
Flexural Strength D-790-03 MPa 52-59 psi 7,500-8,500
Flexural Modulus D-790-04 MPa 1,500-1,700 psi 217,000-246,000
HDT, oC @ 0.45MPa D-648-06 oC 49-54 oF 120-129
HDT, oC @ 1.82MPa D-648-06 oC 45-50 oF 113-122
Izod Notched Impact D-256-06 J/m 30-35 ft lb/inch 0.561-0.656
Water Absorption D-570-98 24hr % 1.5-1.9 % 1.5-1.9
Tg DMA, E>> oC 48-52 oF 118-126
Shore Hardness (D) Scale D Scale D 80-84 Scale D 80-84
Rockwell Hardness Scale M Scale M 58-62 Scale M 58-62
Polymerized Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.20-1.21
Ash Content USP281 % 0.3-0.4 % 0.3-0.4