TangoBlack+ – Simulates Rubber

Thermoplastic rubbers have a wide range of applications from single parts, such as seals and gaskets, to soft-touch in overmoulding and two-shot moulding.

There is a range of rubber-like materials that includes TangoGray, TangoBlack, TangoPlus and TangoBlackPlus.  By combining TangoPlus or TangoBlackPlus with VeroWhitePlus or VeroClear it is possible to simulate 6 levels of different Shore Scale A values from Shore 25 to Shore 95.  Additional shore values may be created by combining other Objet rubber-like and Objet rigid materials.

The higher shore values result in increasing tensile strength and tear resistance.

These materials are ideal for:

  • Rubber surrounds and over-moulding
  • Soft touch coatings and non-slip surfaces
  • Grips, knobs and handles
  • Gaskets, seals and hoses
  • Footwear
  • Exhibition models

Property ASTM Units Metric Units Imperial
Tensile Strength D-412 MPa 1.8-2.4 psi 115-350
Elongation at Break D-412 % 45-55 % 45-55
Compressive Set D-395 % 0.5-1.5 % 0.5-1.5
Shore Hardness (A) D-2240 Scale A 60-62 Scale A 60-62
Tensile Tear Resistance D-624 Kg/cm 3-5 Lb/in 18-24
Polymerized Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.14-1.15